Pyrok Starsilent

Acoustic Plaster System

Pyrok, Inc. a leading manufacturer of sound absorbing plaster and cement finishes introduces Pyrok StarSilent – a smooth, seamless, sound absorbing, durable plaster finish system for walls and ceilings.

Pyrok Starsilent

The StarSilent panel is a sound absorbing panel that is made up of post-consumer, recycled, crushed glass bottles and coated with sound permeable plasters. This environmentally friendly product allows designers to utilize a seamless, gypsum board look with sound absorbing qualities. It is utilized in many configurations where gypsum board is typically utilized, and can be used on curved surfaces of any radius, as well as on compound curves.

The StarSilent system utilizes a sound panel that is composed of up to 96% post-consumer, recycled crushed glass bottles. The plasters are composed of 50% recycled marble aggregate. The panels are attached to rigid metal framing with zinc coated drywall screws. The edges of the panels are glued together using a special adhesive, which is also spread over the screw heads. After light sanding, the panels are first coated with a base coat plaster that requires a minimum of 36 hours to dry. The finish coat plaster is then applied to achieve a smooth, seamless, sound absorbing plaster wall or ceiling. No gypsum board substrate is required.

The structural integrity of the system is not compromised by the lack of gypsum board in the assembly. It can be used on contact walls. We recommend that stud spacing on walls below a height of 6 feet be 8 inches on center. The recycled glass StarSilent panels provide is a sturdy surface resistant to modest damage. The StarSilent plasters are spread over the rigid StarSilent panel. The levelness of the finish is superior to other systems, where the plasters are troweled over resilient fiberglass panels. It can be painted without loss of its sound absorbing quality.