Continental Girbau Inc. – Commercial Washers

Conserve water, save energy
and reduce waste!

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At Continental, we engineer several lines of commercial washer-extractors to meet specific market needs. Each washer line is loaded with unique features and capabilities.


Continental-Girbau Commercial WashersE-Series & Express Wash
E-Series Washers (on-premise and commercial laundries) and ExpressWash Washers (vended laundries) are customer favorites offering ultimate in efficiency, programmability and ease of use. These freestanding washers slide easily into place without need for cumbersome bolts and reinforced concrete foundations.

Extremely energy-efficient, they also generate extract speeds up to 387 G-force, are available in 20- to 255-pound capacities, and dramatically cut natural gas usage. Because they remove more water from every load during extract – when compared with hard-mount washers – they cut resulting dry time by up to 50% per load. Laundry productivity soars as natural gas consumption and dryer usage plummet.

M- and MG-Series Washer-Extractors
Producing up to 200 G-force extract, M- and MG-Series hard-mount washers reach higher extract speeds than most other hard-mount machines on the market! By reaching higher speeds, they remove more water during extract, cutting resulting dry time and associated natural gas and electricity consumption. MG-Series is available in 40- and 55-lbs capacities; M-Series comes in 25-, 40- and 55-lbs capacities.

L-Series Washers
These durable, proven washers bring energy-efficiency, ease-of-use and programmability to vended and on-premise laundries. L-Series commercial washers are available in 75- and 125-pound capacities.

Energy-efficient toploads, Econ-O-Wash Washers use less water than most home-style topload washers. Constructed for longevity, they feature a user-friendly control that’s simple to operate.