EverGlow NA, Inc.- EXIT PATH Markings

EverGlow Code Approved 

Photoluminescent EXIT PATH Markings.



An Exit Path is properly marked if the path to safety is Green_Building_Materials_Everglow_Markings_02reliably and clearly identified and occupants can confidently and quickly find their way to safety during an emergency evacuation. Exit Stairs, Handrails and Landings Marked with a Contrasting Stripe Across the Leading Edge of Every Stair (Stair Nosing). This is the Preferred Method suggested by the NFPA 101, Model Codes IBC and IFC, and Required by Many Local Building & Fire Codes.

EverGlow Manufactured Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings Systems are:

• Reliable and Effective
• Requires No electricity, batteries, lamps or wiring
• Contains No radioactive or toxic components
• Long Lasting Aluminum, with a high recycled content
• Tamper Resistant Acrylic Tape- free of vinyl and other toxic component


• Door Frames • Door Hardware • Directional Markers to avoid confusion that will slow an evacuation • Stairs and Ramps to clearly and safely show beginning, course and end • Handrails must be visible from the top and must show the course of the stairs • Landings to show the leading edge (step landing) and perimeter of the exit path • Obstacles to prevent injury during escape and to avoid slowing egress during an emergency

EverGlow Tamper Resistant Tape

• EverGlow Photoluminescent Films & Tapes are VINYL Free • Available for guidance (full glow for use on handrails) and obstacles (zebra stripe for use on stand pipes) • Does not lift or curl.

EverGlow TL300 Epoxy Coating
Durable and long lasting, for all traffic areas and surface textures, use on stair-nosings and perimeters of landings, can be used over a white or yellow primer coat.



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