KEIM Mineral Coatings of America, Inc. – Soldalit

Sol-Silicate Exterior Coating

Soldalit from KEIMkeim-soldalit-002

KEIM Soldalit optimizes the binding power of silica sol and potassium silicate. Nothing compares to Soldalit’s natural composition and binding strength for exterior protection.


Soldalit from KEIMThe natural chemistry of KEIM Soldalit leaves nothing behind but lasting beauty. Soldalit has no VOCs, no odor and no chemical residues. Natural ingredients and no VOC are two of the many unique qualities of KEIM Soldalit. Soldalit is a sustainable product. Its green characteristics extend to the environmentally-friendly production of our products in accordance with ISO 14001:2004.

Soldalit’s inorganic mineral pigments are unaffected by UV light, even at high altitudes. The mineral colors of Soldalit refract light for a pleasant attractive appearance, even in low light. KEIM’s unique antistatic sol silicate chemistry maintains a clean surface. Available in over 250 standard KEIM mineral colors plus custom colors. Backed up by many years of practical use on a variety of different structures, Keim Soldalit is a modern, innovative mineral paint.

When applied over existing coatings, vapor diffusion of the substrate remains unchanged due to its high vapor permeability. Soldalit’s Micro-porous structure and inorganic chemistry provide natural resistance against mold, lichen and algae growth. It is also naturally resistant to water and salts while completely resisting attack from air pollutants and acid rain. Soldalit is designed for all climate conditions, all UV exposures, for protection that lasts for decades.