Tandus Flooring – ER3® & ethos™ Modular Carpet

ethos™ and ER3®
Modular Carpet

Tandus DV8 Modular Carpet


At Tandus Flooring®, Environmental Responsibility is one of the company’s pillars of innovation.



ER3 Modular Carpeting from Tandus FlooringTandus Flooring was the first to introduce modular carpet to the industry in 1969. Since then, the company has worked to create the ultimate modular offering. Available in multiple sizes and backing options, there is a modular style suitable for nearly any commercial environment.

Tandus Flooring modular carpet comes standard with ER3®, a 100% recycled content backing with 44-65% overall recycled content including a minimum of 12% post-consumer recycled content. In addition to ER3, Tandus Flooring offers ethos Modular. ethos™, a high-performance polymer is  made from recycled non-chlorinated polymer commonly found in the abundantly available waste from windshields and safety glass. ethos Modular contains 26-50% overall recycled content with a minimum of 12% post consumer content.

Both ER3 Modular and ethos Modular are NSF-140 certified platinum and 100% recycleable through Tandus Flooring’s FLOOR program.