Hydron Module Geothermal Systems – Revolution® Series Vertical Packaged Unit

Hydron Module®
Revolution® Series Vertical Packaged Unit

Hydron Module Revolution® Series Vertical Packaged Unithydron_002

The premium Revolution Series is built upon the Hydron Module heritage of superb craftsmanship with the highest quality materials and unmatched attention to detail.


Hydron Module Revolution® Series Vertical Packaged Unit

It is the ultimate solution for increased efficiency, reduced heating and cooling costs, unsurpassed comfort and increased reliability, packaged in a dramatically detailed yet functional cabinet. One look at the extraordinary construction assures that this geothermal system truly is in a class by itself. Hydron Module Revolution geothermal systems elevate heating and cooling to a new standard. These systems are up to 500% efficient.

Compare that to the most efficient fossil fuel systems, which are a mere 95% efficient. Because this system utilizes the free energy stored in the ground, you can expect to save up to 70% off heating and cooling costs versus conventional systems. Owning a Hydron Module is even more affordable thanks to a 30% U.S. tax credit. Other state/provincial or local incentives may exist in your area.

Hydron Module boasts the best geothermal warranty. In fact, Hydron Module is the only geothermal heat pump available with a lifetime compressor, heat exchanger and cabinet warranty. Hydron Module produces a complete line of geothermal systems, including water-to-water, split and combination models. To learn more about them or to find a dealer near you, visit www.hydronmodule.com.