Amana Heating & Air Conditioning – AMVM96 Gas Furnace

High-Efficiency, Variable-Speed Modulating Gas Furnace amana-amvm96-gas-furnace-002

With the premier Amana brand AMVM96 Modulating, Variable-Speed Gas Furnace, you will own what we believe to be our best furnace.     Most new furnace buyers are concerned about energy efficiency. A furnace’s efficiency can primarily be determined by two factors: its AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), which indicates what percentage of each dollar of natural gas purchased is actually used to heat your home and the type of blower used in the furnace. The AMVM96 Variable-Speed Furnace offers up to 96% AFUE, one of the highest AFUE ratings in the industry. The AMVM96’s variable-speed blower makes this furnace even more efficient. The low constant fan setting typically uses as little energy as that needed to run a 100-watt light bulb. As the furnace runs in low-heat capacity, the unit is able to deliver even warmth throughout the house. The Amana brand AMVM96 Variable-Speed Furnace is one of the most efficient furnaces we manufacture. In tandem with a variable-speed blower motor, a modulating gas furnace typically runs at the lowest possible speed to precisely maintain a constant, steady temperature in your home. Amana’s self-calibrating modulating gas valve quietly delivers optimal heating performance to your home. Not only will the AMVM96 Variable-Speed Furnace provide your family with years of reliable warmth in even the harshest winters, it will do so with up to 96% AFUE efficiency.   SPEC_button_085