Vero – Antiqua I

Antiqua I
Venetian Plaster

Antiqua I from Verovero_antiqua_002

Vero, which is the Italian word for “truth”, provides true Venetian plaster features that are lasting, beautiful, and genuine.


Antiqua I from Vero

Antiqua I ® is a seasoned slake-limed coating that produces an incomparably smooth finish similar to heavily troweled plaster. Colored earth and natural oxides provide organic pigmentation. Versatility can create monolithic or extremely cloudy effects in application. Antiqua is available in 16 standard colors, or we will gladly customize any color. Antiqua can qualify a project for LEED points under recycled content and innovation credits.

Vero Lime Plasters are GREEN

Vero’s line of Rialto lime plasters are known for their striking beauty and old-world looks. Equally important are the green credentials of these products. We know of no more sustainable interior/exterior finish than Vero lime plasters. By using the marble aggregate created at the legendary Carrara, Italy marble quarries, Vero lime plasters turn a byproduct into a product feature. The green credentials of Vero lime plasters are very compelling:

* 50-65 percent post-industrial recycled content
* All-natural raw materials 
* 28% lower CO2 emissions than regular stucco
* Very low VOCs