Presto Geosystems – Geoweb®


Reduce Pavement depth. Reduce cost.


Construct roads over soft soils where quality infill is inaccessible or too costly. Stabilize challenging soft soils where traditional reinforcement methods are ineffective, or require deeper, more costly base materials.

geoweb 3bThe Presto Geoweb® Load Support System is a proven cost-effective solution for challenging soil stability problems. The Geoweb system is the original geocell system, economical and highly-effective for solving roadway, shoulder, parking, and yard surface problems.

For 30+ years, engineers have employed the GEOWEB® Cellular Confinement System to reduce base depths of pavements by improving the structural strength and base layer performance. The GEOWEB® structure creates a stiffened base layer, and the resulting increase in base strength can be used to reduce the pavement depth design. For a FREE analysis of your cost savings, complete the short Request for Project Evaluation Form located at

Genuine Geoweb has always been manufactured in the USA from high-quality, high-strength polyethylene so quality and performance are always dependable. (See ISO Standards) Cell wall slots allow quick threading of tendons and Geoweb section connection with ATRA® Keys.



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