Pine Hall Brick- RainPave & StormPave

Award Winning
Permeable Pavers

StormPave permeable pavers from Pine Hall Brickpinehall_pavers_002

Pine Hall Brick Permeable Pavers offer a unique brick alternative with the same elegant look and durability as brick, but made with sustainable materials that support storm water flow.


RainPave permeable pavers from Pine Hall Brick

Pine Hall Brick introduced RainPave and StormPave, genuine clay pavers made for use in a permeable pavement system. The pavers preserve the classic aesthetic appeal of genuine clay brick pavers, while protecting and preserving the environment. Pine Hall designed the RainPave for residential use, and StormPave, for commercial applications.

Rumbled for the look of a traditional, antique clay pavement, RainPave is perfect for residential driveways where pervious surface restrictions exist or where onsite retention/infiltration is mandated. RainPave can reduce your impervious surface footprint to meet local stormwater requirements, allowing for a larger house footprint.

StormPave is ideally suited to preserve natural water drainage in a smooth segmental pavement. With large spacers for open joint drainage and a maximum opening of less than 1/2″, ideal for plazas, pathways, parking lots-particularly at college & university settings where onsite LID storm water management techniques employed.

Pine Hall Brick’s StormPave permeable clay paver allows rainwater to filter down through a specially constructed paving system and dissipate into the soil, rather than carry excess pollutants into storm drains. Rose color¬†contains 53% pre-consumer recycled content.