The Belden Brick Company – Clay Pavers

Permeable Pavers
by Belden Brick

Aqua-bric from Belden Brickbelden_aquabric_002

For texture, color and overall character, Belden Brick is simply unsurpassed. Some of the most elegant forms of permeable pavers for your unique designs.

Aqua-bric from Belden Brick

Belden brick’s clay paver is meant to last. Our brick is known for its structural soundness and strength. Using permeable pavers saves you money year after year. Also, Belden’s permeable pavers requires little maintenance.

The Belden Brick Company’s environmental policy is to reduce our impact on the environment and human health to the lowest practical minimum. The company works diligently to comply with regulatory requirements, but the corporate philosophy of achieving continuous improvement compels us to go beyond compliance in many cases.

The Belden Brick Company is the first manufacturer of brick products to receive ISO 14001 Certification. The Certification lasts for three years and shows proof that the company follows environmentally responsible practices, meets legal requirements, and seeks opportunities as environmental stewards.

The smooth, flat surface created using permeable pavers meets ADA standards and is a superior choice for areas with high foot traffic. Ideal for plazas, walkways, entrances and parking lots*,permeable pavers is used by Advanced Pavement Technology to implement the environmentally sound Bio-Aquifer Storm System (BASS™). Qualifies for additional LEED Certification Categories.