Invisible Structures, Inc. – Gravelpave2

Flexible Porous Pavement

Gravelpave2 from Invisible Structures, Inc.invisible-structures-gravelpave-002

Gravelpave2 porous paving allows you to park, drive, walk, or ride on a beautiful decorative gravel surface. Gravelpave2 has been independently tested for ADA (wheelchair) access.

 is a structure to provide heavy load bearing support and true containment of gravel to create a porous pavement surface with unlimited traffic volume and/or duration time for parking. When used with a proper porous base course material, Gravelpave2 can provide a void space of 35% for storage volume of rainfall during rain events. For example, an 8″ deep cross-section would store 2.8″ of rain. Although bacteria concentrations are lower than with Grasspave2, polluted runoff and vehicle drippings are consumed prior to reaching the water table.

Benefits of Gravelpave2 Porous Pavement:
• Pervious Load Bearing Surface – Unlimited Traffic
• Stormwater Pollution Filtration and Treatment
• Heat Energy Reflection Reduction, “Cool” Surface
• Tree Growth within Parking Areas

• All Parking Aisles and Bays (see Parking Delineation)
• Handicap Parking Spaces (see Parking Delineation)
• Automobile and Truck Storage Yards
• All Service and Access Drives/Loading Dock Areas
• Trails for Multiple Uses
• Boat Ramps
• Outdoor Bulk Storage Areas (Lumber, Steel, etc.)
• Infiltration Basins
• High-use Pedestrian Areas

Available in four standard colors to match your gravel: Black, Tan, Gray, and Terra Cotta.