Presto Geosystems – Geoblock®

Geoblock® – Porous, Durable
High-Strength Grassed Pavements

Geoblock from Presto Geosystemsprestogeo_002

The Presto GEOBLOCK® system is the ultimate porous pavement turf protection system for occasional pedestrian and vehicle traffic.



The GEOBLOCK® Systemprestogeo_003 offers many environmental advantages over hard surface pavements, resulting in cost savings and aesthetic benefits. Designed to handle the most demanding load support and turf protection requirements, the system supports a wide variety of loadings while allowing natural groundwater replenishment and reducing the need for detention or retention ponds.

From pedestrian trails and walkways to emergency access lanes and overflow parking, the GEOBLOCK® system provides high environmental benefit with low environmental impact. Plus, GEOBLOCK® material is made from up to 97% recycled polyethylene. It’s the green solution that offers exceptional aesthetics, load support, permeability, helping you meet green building goals and earn LEED credits.

Large Geoblock porous pavement units are designed for maximum load transfer and support, resistance to movement or breakage from traffic stresses and maximum turf protection. Overall installation costs are reduced by requiring less base depth than lighter-weight or rolled pavement systems. Deeper cells protect from topsoil compaction and vegetative damage caused by repeated loadings.