Major Industries – Clima-Tite™ Wall Systems

Clima-Tite™ Wall Systems: A new level of
thermal performance and condensation resistance

Clima-TiteClima-TiteFor more than three decades, Major Industries has worked with architects, engineers and designers to create energy-saving custom skylights and translucent wall systems that fit a wide range of applications and budgets.



Clima-Tite™ translucent systems with pultruded fiberglass support members go beyond traditional aluminum-based daylighting systems to a new level of thermal performance and condensation resistance. Pultruded fiberglass found in Clima-Tite™ systems allows for improved CRF numbers, improved U-factors, and enhanced corrosion resistance compared to standard aluminum framed systems. Clima-Tite™ also features built-in moisture management and a unique snap-to-lock installation feature that saves labor costs providing a simple, clean and uncluttered appearance that eliminates the need for unsightly visible fasteners

Clima-Tite™ systems also feature Major’s Ultimate Series™ FRP face sheet technology for unbeatable weathering performance and unmatched warranties. The Ultimate Series™ offers superior color retention, an erosion veil for extreme environments, and industry-long warranties.
Other benefits of a Clima-Tite™ fiberglass system include: • No visible fasteners for a clean look • Corrosion resistant and durable/long-lasting performance • Low thermal conductivity/eliminates the need for thermal breaks and improves performance • Electrically non-conductive/
unlike aluminum • UV resistant • Paintable just like standard aluminum framing • No special handling or transportation requirements • High impact resistance





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