Tindall Corporation – Precast Concrete

Tindall Precast Concrete:
Strong – Sustainable – Green

Tindall Precast Concretetindall-precast_002

Tindall efficiently and economically designs, manufactures and erects total precast systems that exceed customer requirements.


Tindall Precast ConcretePrecast concrete offers compressed design-build schedules which can minimize time to occupancy. Since in-plant precast component manufacturing begins during permitting and site preparation, erection proceeds rapidly. Precast components can be erected in weather conditions that would halt conventional construction, keeping the schedule on track. Rapid erection allows the contractor to enclose the building quickly, giving interior trades faster access.

Enjoy unmatched durability as well as lower costs, from original construction to continued lower maintenance and energy costs. Tindall precast, prestressed concrete products help add crucial points toward attaining LEED certification and providing safer, more energy efficient, heathier, Greener environments. Tindall also supports renewable energy resources.

Precast concrete:
• Minimally disrupts the site
Reduces damage to drainage paths and natural habitats
• Concrete’s light color reduces heat-island effect
• Improves energy efficiency and thermal comfort
• Significantly reduces job site waste and reuses and recycles formwork, keeping materials out of the landfill
Uses recyclable concrete & steel, and can use waste and recycled materials such as slag, fly ash, and silica fume