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Flexibility, reliability, and scalability
to whole-building control

WhisperShade IQ2 Five alignment positions

Mechoshade WhisperShadeThe WhisperShade® IQ2® Electronic Drive Unit represents the pinnacle of roller-shade technology, making flexible shade-control options at every scale simpler and more economical than ever before. Its internal microprocessor-based controls enable it to connect directly to MechoSystems’ MechoNet™ communication network without requiring external controllers or interfaces. This native networking capability provides flexibility, reliability, and scalability to whole-building control.

It also eliminates the component mounting, wiring, and installation costs associated with separate controllers and interfaces. In addition, IQ2 units utilize a daisy-chained Cat-5 or Cat-6 wiring system, substantially reducing the overall amount of wiring and labor required for installationIQ2 offers an unprecedented feature set that includes a wide variety of control options and operational modes. Nine programmable addresses support overlapping, multilevel shade or blind control (individual, group, master, and others) setups that can be reorganized in the field according to project needs or the evolving needs of the space. An exclusive blind-control mode operation supports lift-and-tilt blind operation, with three preset positions for each. PC-based tools support field configurations and motor programming from anywhere on the control network.

IQ2 is an intelligent motorized shading solution that can be automatically controlled by MechoSystems’ SolarTrac® WindowManagement® System to optimize occupant comfort and energy efficiency. It also plays nice with a variety of accessories supporting integration and operation from tablets, smart phones, and with third-party A/V, lighting, and building management systems. IQ2 is ideal for virtually all architectural projects. Its intelligent design minimizes project costs and building energy costs over time. Yet it also maximizes functionality and is ready to complement any network of controls through its ease of integration.



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