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Nordic prefabricated I-joists, made of Black Spruce short-length finger-jointed lumber, include residential and light-commercial joist depths, ranging from 9-1/4 to 24 inches.


Nordic I-joists save builders time and money. I-joists will not warp, twist, or shrink, and are more uniform and dimensionally stable than conventional lumber joists. The proven I-joist cross-section shows how much less wood is required to outspan traditional lumber, and because of its consistency, every Nordic joist, unlike dimension lumber, is 100% usable. Optimizing fiber in this fashion is necessary if we are to maintain a viable resource base for the future.

Nordic harvests its own trees, which enables Nordic products to adhere to strict quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing process. Every phase of the operation, from forest to the finished product, relects our commitment to quality. Nordic Engineered Wood I-joists use only finger-jointed black spruce lumber in their flanges, ensuring consistent quality, superior strength, and longer span carrying capacity.

The raw material used in Nordic Lam products is black spruce, known for its extreme density, fiber strength, and narrow growth rings. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility optimizes fiber while delivering uncompromising quality. Nordic has reduced waste by developing the Enviro-Lam layup process to utilize more of the tree than ever before. Rigorous adherence to ISO 14001’s reforestation standard minimizes the environmental impact to our forests.




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