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Nucor Building Systems (NBS) provides quality custom facilities by FOCUS®ing on the basics: Steel that Fits, On time deliveries, Competitive Pricing, Unbeatable Service, and Solutions that Work.


You can trust a Nucor Building Systems solution. As a member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association and the Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute, you can be assured that NBS products have passed rigorous third-party testing of our engineering and manufacturing policies, practices, and procedures.

As one of the first manufacturers to receive IAS AC472 accreditation at all four of our plants, we are committed to ongoing improvement to our operations and providing quality and service to our customers. NBS buildings, with the exception of the “CFR”™, are made from Nucor steel – which is made from scrap. NBS steel materials are 100% recyclable in the future.

Nucor – A Green Company
Nucor is the largest steel recycler in North America. Last year Nucor recycled more than 20 million tons of scrap steel. Our steel making processes have much lower emissions than integrated steel making operations and energy consumption per ton of steel produced is much lower as well. Nucor Building Systems’ products may contain steel from all of the Nucor steel mills including sheet, plate, bar and beam. The average amount of recycled steel used in our products is over 80%.