Varco Pruden Buildings – SSR Standing Seam Roof

SSR Standing Seam Roof – Low Slope, Low Maintenance green_building_materials_varco-pruden-ssr-001   Made from sturdy Galvalume, VP’s SSR Standing Seam Roof offers economical construction and superior performance backed by an available 20-year weathertightness warranty. Finish options include unpainted Galvalume or KXL paint. KXL paint finishes are formulated for “Cool Roof” applications, including LEED certified and Title 24 projects. KXL finishes are factory applied to eliminate air quality and exceed EPA regulations for low VOC paints. SSR panels come standard in 24-gauge steel, with 22‑gauge optional. The panels are factory-formed and field-machine seamed in place yielding a single unit membrane. The patented SSR ridge system is efficiently installed requiring only one weather-sealed joint. The special clips used to attach SSR panels to structural members are designed to allow panel movement up to 1-5/8″ inch in either direction (or up to 3-1/4″ movement) to compensate for thermal effects. VP Roof Systems can help you earn credits toward LEED certification when you build. Steel, is the primary material used by VP Roof Systems, is 100% recyclable and can be recycled an infinite amount of times, saving energy and raw materials each time it is re-processed. SSR panels can accommodate up to 6 inches of faced fiberglass blanketinsulation for high levels of energy efficiency.  

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