Boral Roofing – Class 4 Hail Rated Concrete Tile

The Concrete Solution
to Roof Hail Damage

Class 4 Impact Resistant Hail Rated Tile from Boral Roofingboral-roofing-class-4-impact-002

Hail storms ravage the U.S. and wreak havoc with damages of $1.6 billion every year. However, there is a concrete solution: Boral Roofing Class 4 Impact Resistant Hail Rated Tile.


Class 4 Impact Resistant Hail Rated Tile from Boral RoofingA beautiful home starts with a beautiful roof. A tile roof is complements your architectural style, enhances your curb appeal, offers protection from the elements and is your best option when you consider its durability against other types of roofing materials. Boral Roofing is proud to announce our new Class 4 Impact Resistant concrete roof tile, awarded the highest hail performance certification recognized in the industry.

These Class 4 tiles withstood sequential 2 inch ice ball impacts at speeds of up to 70 mph. This is the most rigorous test using the largest ice balls, impacting the product specimen 4-6 times depending on the amount of exposed area. Impact locations included edges, corners, unsupported areas, overlaps and joints. After testing, the roofing materials are visually scrutinized. To pass, the test specimens can not show any evidence of visible cracking or breakage.

Concrete tile roofing is energy efficient. Tile has inherent insulation properties due to its high thermal mass. This helps reduce peak energy demand and energy costs – making your home more comfortable to live in and less costly to heat and cool. Concrete tile roofing is also Green – not a petroleum-based product. Tile is made from naturally occurring, locally-sourced, plentiful raw materials. Tile roofs may also help qualify for insurance reductions in hail regions.