Boral Roofing – Smog Eating Tile

BoralPure™™ Smog Eating Tile –

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Smog Eating Tile from Boral Roofingboralroofing_smog_002

BoralPure™™ Smog Eating Tile is the first of-its-kind product in sustainable concrete roofing tiles that reduces the formation of smog.

Air pollution is an undisputed problem in the U.S. and the World Health Organization estimates 2.4 million people die annually world wide of causes attributable to air pollution. As the only tile roofing in the U.S. with the ability to mitigate air pollution, Smog Eating Tile represents an opportunity for builders and consumers alike to help clean the air we breathe.

The photocatalyst in BoralPure™ Smog Eating Tile naturally oxidizes harmful airborne pollutants, helping clean the air. This revolutionary roof tile includes a micro-mortar surface with the key ingredient Titanium Dioxide, a photocatalyst, which is activated by the UV content in daylight. The active surface interacts with harmful nitrogen oxides in the air and helps convert them into calcium nitrates. When it rains, the calcium nitrates are washed off the roof.

In one year, 2,000 square feet of the Smog Eating Tile mitigates the same amount of nitrogen oxide (a major component of smog) produced by one car driving up to 10,800 miles, making BoralPure™™ Smog Eating Tile an important solution to smog and the health problems it causes. BoralPure™™ Smog Eating Tile is available nationally. Please contact your local sales representative to find out more.