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In addition to green interior solutions, ASI offers eco-friendly exterior signage. ASI’s Solar Series is a solar-powered, LED illuminated exterior signage system that is 100% off-grid.


ASI Solar Series exterior signageSolar is perfect for facilities that need illuminated exterior signage where traditional electrical power is unavailable. Plus, using solar signage in conjunction with your brand identity shows an organization’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. The key to ensuring ASI’s solar system delivers maximum illumination lies with the superior solar power management unit and the energy efficient LEDs.

ASI’s exterior modular signage systems are designed and engineered to meet the needs of any facility today and into the future. Each modular architectural signage solution consists of multiple, highly visible components that can be combined in various ways to produce the exact solution the project requires. And, each component can be easily changed out to enable users to update or repair the sign with ease – and with little contribution to the waste cycle.

Green building practices make a positive impact on the bottom line and they deliver environmental benefits. As the demand for green building practices increase, the need for proven green products and services will grow dramatically. We will all benefit through access to more eco-friendly materials, practices and overall reduced costs to implement greener solutions.Discover how ASI can create an eco-friendly signage solution for your next project.