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EverGlow Code Approved 

Photoluminescent EXIT Signs.

Everglow exit signsEverglow exir signsEverGlow uses innovative and patented manufacturing processes and backing materials that guarantee the end user will experience the maximum evacuation safety possible. Everglow exit signs….


Our photoluminescent signs are used in office buildings and rugged marine, aviation, transportation, tunnel & industrial environments with equal reliability and effectiveness. EverGlow Code Approved Photoluminescent Exit Signs (tested & listed by ETL to meet the UL924 performance standard) are available with a red or green and blackbackground. The glow letters are fully legible for 90 minutes after the failure of normal lighting, according to code. These signs have a visibility rating of 75 feet.

EverGlow Photoluminescent Exit Signs can be used with or without an architectural frame & mounting bracket. Two signs with a frame & bracket can be used as a double sided sign. The signs, frames & brackets are aluminum; all mounting hardware (included) are stainless steel or other non-corrosive fastener. Two glow chevron decals are included with each sign for use as directional markers….EverGlow Code Approved Photoluminescent Exit Signs are excellent for use in all facilities- factories, office buildings, schools, hospitals & hotels.

These signs can be used as a replacement for “over the door” electrically powered exit signs or as floor level exit signs. EverGlow signs are an acceptable “alternate material” in most jurisdictions & those that have not yet adopted the recent code language. The use of alternate materials, design & methods of construction and equipment is clearly provided for in the IBC, Chapter 1. The resources at the bottom of this page will give you the information you need to present to the building inspector or his supervisor. Please let us know if you need any additional documentation.


• Maximum reliability & effectiveness, no electricity, no batteries, no lamps.
• Durable, will Last for decades, explosion proof design.
• No toxic or radioactive components, easy Installation, low maintenance.
• Can be 100% recycled, uses very high content of post-consumer recycled aluminum.

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