Universal Textile Technologies, Inc.- Biocel

Performance, polyurethane
carpet backing system.

Universal Textile Technologies, Inc.- BiocelUniversal Textile Technologies, Inc.- BiocelUniversal Textile Technologies has developed two polyurethane carpet backing systems, BioCel™ and EnviroCel™, which stand up strong under a wide range of conditions.  Universal Textile Technologies, Inc.- Biocel 



For higher-traffic environments, BioCel provides a moisture barrier that performs well in corporate environments and public areas, including department stores, convention centers, public buildings, and sports facilities. BioCel and EnviroCel backings may contribute up to 18 points towards LEED certification and the total recycled content is 40 to 80% based on the backing system, including post consumer, bio-based and post manufacturing content. Universal’s backing systems have also been verified as meeting the requirements and criteria that a backing supplier needs to be NSF/ANSI 140 compliant ready.

BioCelTM Laminate Plus, BioCelTM Cushion performance carpet backings are recommended for high and mid-range traffic environments including: Government, Commercial, Education, Retail and Synthetic Turf applications.  BioCel backings contain polymers produced from natural oils, a renewable resource, that replaces a portion of the petroleum-based polymers. BioCel backings also contain CelceramTM, a highly refined mineral compound that is recycled from electrical utility power plants. Celceram’s unique chemical properties strengthen and stabilize polyurethane backings, improving performance and stability.




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