Universal Textile Technologies, Inc.- Envirocel

Performance, polyurethane
carpet backing system.

Universal Textile Technologies, Inc.- EnvirocelUniversal Textile Technologies, Inc.- Envirocel Universal Textile Technologies has developed two polyurethane carpet backing systems, BioCel™ and EnviroCel™, which stand up strong under a wide range of conditions.  Universal Textile Technologies, Inc.- Envirocel 

EnviroCel is a moisture-resistant backing specifically designed for environments with foot traffic, such as hotel rooms, specialty shops, restaurants, apartments, and landscape applications that use synthetic turf. BioCel and EnviroCel backings may contribute up to 18 points towards LEED< certification and the total recycled content is 40 to 80% based on the backing system, including post consumer, bio-based and post manufacturing content. Universal’s backing systems have also been verified as meeting the requirements and criteria that a backing supplier needs to be NSF/ANSI 140 compliant ready.

EnviroCel Laminate Plus – A green reinforced secondary backing designed for stretch in or direct glue installation. EnviroCel Laminate Plus contains 95% post-consumer PET plastic recycled from soda and water bottles. The addition of PET plastic allows UTT to help the environment by reducing the amount of plastic bottles disposed of in landfills – an excess of over 300 million to date.  In addition to environmental benefits, EnviroCel carpet backings support the life and appearance of carpet. Not adversely affected by water or temperature changes, EnviroCel backings withstand repeated wet cleanings.






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