Varco Pruden WideBay Trussed Purlin

Secondary Structural Option

Trussed Purlin

WideBay (patent pending) Trussed Purlins offer an effective structural option to standard purlins or bar joist. These unique secondary members are designed to provide up to 60’ of clear space between columns.

WideBay is the ideal choice for projects requiring clear, open interior space for quipment placement, racking and storage or where column-free space is needed for sporting events or concerts. Built strong to carry the load, WideBay Trussed Purlins can accommodate roof snow loads up to 40 pounds per square foot at a 5’-0” on-center spacing for a 60’-0” span. Adjusting the span and/or spacing can accommodate higher loads. And in spite of their brawn, WideBay purlins are better looking. The standard G-30 Galvanized finish doesn’t require field painting and the acrylic coating helps protect the structural appearance for long term, maintenance-free performance.

This advanced system provides more flexibility too. Available in depth options of 30”, 34” or 40” and a selection of five gauges, WideBay allows for optimal loading solutions. The superior use of steel shapes versus bar joists reduces steel cost. On average, a WideBay solution will weigh 15% to 25% less than bar joist. VP’s WideBay Trussed Purlin is also flexible when it comes to roofing options. It is designed to work with VP’s SSR, SLR II

ThermoDeck and HWR roof systems. Also, this system supports architectural metal roofs or EPDM when using VP’s Deck Frame system.

WideBay Trussed Purlins can be used with all VP structural framing designs including Rigid Frame, Continuous Beam and Continuous Truss. Like all VP products, WideBay is backed by Varco Pruden’s warranty for defects in material and workmanship. To learn more about WideBay and other Varco Pruden products and services, talk to your authorized Varco Pruden Builder or visit us on line at



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