Draper, Inc. – EcoMatt XT700E

The World’s First Cradle to Cradle
Certified Silver Projection Screen

EcoMatt XT700E from Draper, Inc.draper-ecomatt-002

Draper’s Ecomatt XT700E projection screen surface has been Cradle to Cradle Certified(CM) Silver by MBDC.



EcoMatt XT700e for Draper, Inc.Ecomatt XT700E offers optical performance similar to an industry standard matt white viewing surface, with accurate color balance over a full 180° field. Reasonable control of ambient light is recommended. As a member of Draper’s OptiView Family of viewing surfaces, Ecomatt does not require tensioning to hang acceptably flat. It is available on Draper motorized and manual roller operated screens. Ecomatt is durable and suitable for use in a variety of settings.

Ecomatt is also GREENGUARD Children and Schools(SM) Certified—the strictest standard for indoor air quality, designed to protect vulnerable children in the spaces they occupy for several hours every day. Ecomatt is made of 100% polyester yarn that is PVC free, fully recyclable, flame retardant and mildew resistant. While no product is “LEED-certified,” Ecomatt XT700E could help contribute to LEED points in the following ways:

Credit 1- Innovation in Design. This credit is worth up to 5 points (4 for LEED SCHOOLS). One point is awarded for each innovation achieved. Draper products could contribute to a number of innovative strategies. One past accepted strategy was the use of GREENGUARD Certified products. The use of numerous GREENGUARD products—including Ecomatt XT700E—would be a possible innovative strategy if it met the intent of the strategy being used on the project.

Credit 4.5- Low-Emitting Materials. Furniture and Furnishings: This credit is for LEED SCHOOLS, and applies to classroom furniture. One compliance option is to provide furniture that is GREENGUARD Children and Schools certified, which Ecomatt XT700E is.