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Exterior FlexShades™
Motorized, Crank or Clutch Operated

Exterior FlexShades from Draperdraper_exterior_002

Draper’s design offers superior fit-and-finish and better durability than competitive products, with the same unsurpassed Draper quality as our other window shade products.


Exterior FlexShades from DraperIt is important to keep a handle on your building’s energy consumption. One of the easiest ways to do this is with the use of the sun’s natural light. Natural sunlight provides a building with free light and keeps it warm at the same time.  At the same time, however, sunlight can overrun a facility, causing problems. Draper window coverings can keep out heat, glare, and in some styles still maintain a view for people inside the building.

Exterior FlexShades by Draper, Inc. prevent most of the Solar energy from entering the building, thereby giving you maximum solar heat gain reduction. Offered in a wide range of fabric colors and openness choices (1% to 14%). Motorized, crank or clutch operated options available. Draper also has fabrics that have been GreenGuard certified as low in emissions which contribute to a healthier environment.

Environmentally Friendly – The construction of Draper products has become friendlier to the environment as well by including increasing quantities of low- and zero-emission materials and increasingly efficient manufacturing processes. All Draper product lines contain significant recycled content, and we are making a concerted effort to increase the recycled content in all of our products. Also, Draper FlexShades can contribute to LEED points and credits.




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