MechoSystems – SolarTrac®


The Ultimate Automatic, Computerized
WindowManagement® System


MechoSystems, creator of the MechoShade, has been designing and developing automated solar-shading systems since introducing the first version of the SolarTrac® WindowManagement System in the early 1970s. 

SolarTracAn advanced, scientific, automated shading system, SolarTrac® is designed to maximize natural daylight. This WindowManagement® system increases energy efficiency while providing occupants with a comfortable environment and views to the outside. SolarTrac® tracks the sun and sky conditions, automatically adjusting shades to protect against solar-heat gain, brightness, and glare.

Specialized solar radiometers collect real-time sky data, allowing SolarTrac® to create a sky model of the moment and also over time. From this analysis, SolarTrac® is able to determine if the sky is clear or cloudy. This function will occur many times a minute throughout the day, 24/7/365. When cloudy, the shades are raised. When sunny, the system adjusts each zone’s shades according to the solar angle, any user-defined zone parameters, and other optional overrides.

SolarTrac® automatically controls roller shades so they have the potential to deliver significant reductions in energypeak demands over a project’s lifetime. Shades adjust to various positions on the window, which are appropriate to the sun’s position in the sky, microclimatic sky conditions, and the building location, orientation, and geometry. This can save up to 70% in lighting costs when used with an appropriate daylighting system.