Viracon VE-48

Viracon VE-48 –
Insulating Glass Low-E Glass

VE-48 Insulating Glass from Viracon



Viracon considers factors such as: climate zone, glass performance values, structure size, aesthetics, glare and total energy consumption before recommending products. 

VE-48 Insulating Glass from Viracon Insulating Glass increases a window’s thermal performance. At Viracon, Insulating Glass units are constructed with two or more plies of glass, separated by a desiccant-filled spacer and sealed with an organic sealant. The desiccant absorbs the insulating glass unit’s internal moisture. Viracon uses mill finish and black painted spacers and also offer a stainless steel spacer for warm edge performance.

Viracon VE-48 provides form and function with the solar performance of Viracon VE-2M along with the subtle blue appearance of Viracon VE-52. The VE-48 coating on a clear glass substrate offers a visible light transmittance of 47% in an insulating glass unit, aiding in controlling glare while providing aesthetic appeal. With low interior and exterior reflectance, VE-48 also provides excellent transparency allowing favorable views through the low glass from both the interior and exterior.

Viracon’s Low-E coatings offer a balance between light transmission and solar energy control. Each coating offers high visible light transmittance, low exterior reflectance and the lowest U-values available; reducing radiant heat transfer. By combining tinted glass with silk-screened patterns and Low-E coatings, the building design professional can achieve unique, custom glass designs.