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The Benefits of Daylighting with
Commercial Skylights from Velux


Daylighting through the roofs of commercial buildings with VELUX commercial products provides many benefits that no other light source can offer.


VELUX products conserve energy and contribute to a more comfortable interior environment. Windows and skylights account for about 30% of building heating and cooling inefficiencies. Under performing skylights emit solar heat and glare into the building, causing thermal and visual discomfort to the occupants. VELUX products reduce energy consumption of buildings by retaining quality daylight, thus negating the need for grid-tied energy for comfort.

Artificial lighting is one of the largest sources of energy consumption in commercial and industrial applications. On average, artificial lighting accounts for 40% of the building’s total energy. Utilizing VELUX acrylic skylights has been shown to significantly reduce energy costs through the benefits of daylighting. Energy savings achieved from reducing dependency on electric lighting far exceeds any heat gain loss in the vast majority of applications.

Additionally, skylights typically provide less heat than electric lighting. This is why you should choose a skylight that has superior visible light transmittance in lieu of selecting a skylight just based on thermal values. VELUX acrylic skylights provide extremely high levels of visible light, and are available with thermal breaks and weep systems to maximize energy efficiency making them ideal for all commercial and industrial applications.

VELUX skylights, by natural composition are great for sustainable design and can be a great source of LEED credit points towards the certification of a commercial project. VELUX can help you determine the correct number of skylights to achieve maximum energy savings or obtain a desired lighting level.

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