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GlobalBlock –
A Web Optional All-Foam ICF

BuildBlock GlobalBlockBuildBlock GlobalBlock

GlobalBlock is a lower-cost ICF, designed without requiring an integrated plastic web. It reduces cost without losing the benefits of ICFs or affecting key structural points. 


BuildBlock GlobalBlockAn evolution of the screen-grid ICF, GlobalBlock is the first fully-reversible all foam ICF block of its kind. An optional web insert for attachment points or web clip for rebar placement are available depending on your needs. Using the same fully-reversible interlocking system found on all BuildBlock forms, GlobalBlock has the same overall dimensions allowing the forms to be used interchangeably, even within the same wall.

GlobalBlock also includes benefits such as the molded-in tape measure and vertical cut lines making installation easier, faster, and more cost effective. GlobalBlock is available in 4-inch and 6-inch core widths. Installation of GlobalBlock is similar to installing flat wall BuildBlock forms. GlobalBlock features a dovetailed block face for direct stucco and EIFS bonding. GlobalBlock connections align with BuildBlock forms to create a seamless transition between different products.

Every year of its life span, a properly built ICF structure will use 30-70% less energy to heat and cool than a traditional structure. BuildBlock® ICFs can contribute toward 19-27 LEED Certification Points due to their tremendous energy-efficiency, excellent indoor air quality, and recyclable nature. Because BuildBlock® has twelve manufacturing facilities nationwide, you are more likely to qualify for LEED regional material points.




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