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Belden Brick

Belden Brick Company Announces New Structural Brick

CANTONThe Belden Brick Company, a manufacturer of brick and masonry-related construction products and materials, has announced the product launch of its new structural brick. Belden Brick now offers a wide selection of colors and sizes in Thru-wall units so customers can take advantage of the distinctiveness and strength of clay fired brick.

“Belden Brick has built a reputation of setting the standard of comparison for quality in the brick industry over the last 128 years,” said Brian Belden, manager of marketing and thin brick sales. “With the addition of these new products, we add to our diverse product lines and reach markets previously untapped by Belden Brick. This opens a door for new opportunity to provide quality products in an area of design that is growing in market share.”

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The Belden Brick Company

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, Oct. 22, 2014 – SAGE has enhanced its award-winning dynamic glass SageGlass®, a product of Saint-Gobain, with a new tinting option that extends the product’s architectural design possibilities. Announced today at the annual Greenbuild conference, SageGlass will now be available in large architectural sizes without a center bus bar. This option complements a long list of SageGlass product innovations that enable architects and building owners to combine solar control with an aesthetically pleasing design while enhancing building performance.

A bus bar – found on standard SageGlass – is a thin electrical conduit through the middle of the pane that helps the glass achieve the industry’s fastest tint switching speeds. SageGlass has traditionally employed a center bus bar for glass sizes greater than four feet to provide superior switching speed and tinting uniformity in all conditions. The new option with “no center bus bar” provides architects and building owners with yet another design alternative. The bus bar is not required, even for large glass sizes of 5 x 10 feet. While the use of a center bus bar will provide faster and more uniform tinting performance, the new, bus-less option adds another dimension of design flexibility to SageGlass’ industry leading portfolio of dynamic glass options. Furthermore, a large glass unit with no center bus bar may also be equipped with SageGlass LightZone™, just like a standard unit. This option enables one large pane of glass to be configured into two or three sub-zones for maximum control and daylighting.

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PRESTO GEOSYSTEMS® Offers RetainingWall MSE Software

PRESTO GEOSYSTEMS®, a leading manufacturer of soil stabilization and stormwater products, introduces their new GEOWEB® MSE design freeware for GEOWEB geocell wall applications. The software creates vegetated and non-vegetated MSE designs based on the GEOWEB® system for reinforced slopes, and for gravity and geogrid-reinforced walls.
The easy to use software is based on industry standard design methods and contains specific algorithms that capture the unique interaction between the GEOWEB® system, infill and backfill soil, and geogrid reinforcement and specific factors of safety. In addition to performing the analysis with logical data input screens, GEOWEB® MSE software creates a full graphic design analysis output and cross-sectional drawings. Click here for more information
The software contains a quick link to PRESTO’s SPECMaker® Specification Tool, a user friendly online program to build customized CSI-format specifications. The combination of the GEOWEB® MSE and SPECMaker® Tool offers design and engineering firms a fast intuitive toolkit for creating design and specification documents.

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