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The International Holcim Awards competition recognizes innovative projects and future oriented concepts on regional and global levels. They are designed to encourage architects, planners, engineers and project owners to go beyond conventional notions of sustainable construction in their work and to harmonize economic, ecological and social concerns. Projects and concepts in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and related fields are eligible for entry in the competition. Each competition cycle spans three years, from announcement to completion and a total of two million US dollars in prize money is awarded.

boral roofing
Attic Tent
Invisible Structures

Holcim Awards 2014 Africa Middle East..........

Eco-Techno Park

Authors: Onat Öktem and Zeynep ÖktemAuthors:
ONZ Architects, Ankara, Turkey

Eco-Techno Park Eco-Techno Park Eco-Techno Park

An Eco-Park for sustainable research and technology that will promote small and middle-sized enterprises is planned for Ortadogu Sanayi ve Ticaret Merkezi (OSTIM), an industrial zone located in Ankara. The project aims to maintain the site’s landscape. Offices, conference and workshop spaces are embedded within the terraced landscape. The building – situated at the edge of the site – constitutes a landmark for the area
and connects with the terraces at different levels. Designed to create a pleasant communal space for its users with minimum interference to the natural context, the project incorporates various sustainable features including natural lighting, geothermal heat pumps, green roofs, passive ventilation and water efficiency/irrigation systems.


Eco-Techno Park

Holcim Awards 2014 North America

Water absorptive surface and subterranean basin,

Amy Mielke, designer, Water Pore Partnership, New York, NY, USA, Caitlin Gucker-Kanter Taylor, designer, Water Pore Partnership, Woodbridge, CT, USA



The design proposal for the city of Las Vegas repositions water infrastructure as a civic project. Facing a significant shortage of water in an arid region, local drainage systems are incapable of handling and collecting the water that floods the city which is positioned in a valley when it rains. Poreform, a porous concrete surface poured in place with fabric formwork, manages to absorb water, feeding rain runoffs into subterranean basins with a capacity of over 75,000 megaliters (20 billion gallons). Capable of rapid saturation and slow release, the pores of this
“urban skin” are inlets to a new infrastructure that reframes water as a valuable resource rather than a liability.


Holcim Awards 2014 Europe

Anthropic Park......................................

Main Author: Francisco Leiva - Grupo aranea, Alicante, Spain; Marco Scarpinato - AutonomeForme, Palermo, Italy

Anthropic PARK
Anthropic park Anthropic park

Saline Joniche is located in the rich coastal landscape of Southern Italy with abundant natural resources, which suffered continuous degradation through industrial activities and has been left abandoned. Obsessed with short-term productivity for too long without evaluating the risks of such a mindset, the goal is to recover this damaged area. The project proposes a flooded landscape at the mouth of multiple natural watercourses,
generating an ecosystem filled with flora and fauna, and a special focus on migrating birds. This process will occur naturally, and the resulting landscape will evolve adding new species of vegetation and wildlife. The project broadens the thoughts around the concept of ruin; humanity’s constructed artefacts will be kept as they are and integrated into the process of the restoration. A shape shifting ecosystem is born, connecting nature with the imprints left by humans.


Anthropic park

Holcim Awards 2014 Latin America

Articulated Site.

Main Author: Mario Fernando Camargo Gómez - Colectivo720, Cali, Colombia; Luis Orlando Tombé Hurtado - Colectivo720, Cali, Colombia
Articulated site
Articulated site
Articulated site

Articulated site

From a multidisciplinary vantage point, this project for a public park in Medellín, Colombia, centers on the creation of spaces around and above a series of water reservoirs. Tracing the site’s history, the architectural form takes its inspiration from the surrounding topography as well as from the structure of the existing tanks and pools, resulting in an intervention with minimal environmental impact. Considering the infrastructural use of the site, special attention is given to water management, which utilizes recycling technologies that involve rainwater and grey water harvesting through simple systems for the irrigation of the park. In an interaction between nature and the urban landscape, the park seeks to improve the quality of life in the city.