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Zaha Hadid

The first woman to win the Pritzker Prize for Architecture in its 26 year history, ZAHA HADID (1950-) has defined a radically new approach to architecture by creating buildings, such as the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati, with multiple perspective points and fragmented geometry to evoke the chaos of modern life. Zaha Hadid was single-minded from an early age. Born in 1950 in Baghdad, she grew up in a very different Iraq from the one we know today.

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The Iraq of her childhood was a liberal, secular, western-focused country with a fast-growing economy that flourished until the Ba’ath party took power in 1963, and where her bourgeois intellectual family played a leading role. Hadid’s father was a politician, economist and industrialist, a co-founder of the Iraqi National Democratic and a leader of the Iraqi Progressive Democratic Parties. Hadid saw no reason why she should not be equally ambitious. Female role models were plentiful in liberal Iraq, but in architecture, female role models anywhere, let alone in the Middle East, were thin on the ground in the 1950s and 1960s.

Zaha Hadid unveils"BlossimingTowers"

Zaha Hadid Architects have unveiled their latest design, an urban riverfront development in Brisbane. The project consists of three 22 and 25-story sculptural residential towers containing 486 apartments and eight riverfront villas, along with car parking spaces and 7,300 square meters of landscaped public parklands. According to property developer Sunland Group’s Managing Director, Sahba Abedian, Grace on Coronation is slated to reinvigorate a historic site. Located in Toowong, opposite Toowong Village Shopping Centre and nearby the University of Queensland’s historic St. Lucia campus, the development is 4 kilometers west of Brisbane’s Central Business District.

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Martin Filler Responds to Zaha Hadid's Lawsuit!

A lawsuit brought by Zaha Hadid against The New York Review of Books and its architecture critic, Martin Filler, has prompted Filler to correct the record. In a book review published in June, Filler accused Hadid of being indifferent to the deaths of 1,000 workers during construction of her Al Wakrah Stadium in Qatar, a venue for the 2020 FIFA World Cup, based on comments the architect had made to The Guardian newspaper in February 2014.
In a letter posted on the NYRB website on Monday – four days after Hadid filed suit – Filler conceded: “I wrote that an ‘estimated one thousand laborers…have perished while constructing her project thus far.’

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Naomi Campbell's House

The residence is around 2,650 sqm which is located on a north-facing hillside in Barvikha.  The program of the villa is divided into two main components. The first, lower component is merged with the sloped landscape, while a separate volume floats, 22 meters above the ground to benefit from the panoramic views above the treetops of the Barvikha forest. The form for the villa comes from the natural topography of the unique site.  Adapting the fluid geometries described within the geology of the site and the organic forms of the forest’s vegetation, the building emerges from the landscape, remaining partially embedded in the hillside, in order to articulate the existing surroundings with the artificial landscape.

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