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Issue 121
Gemini Sign Products
Gemini Sign Products
Gemini Sign Products
Gemini Sign Products
Gemini Sign Products
Gemini Sign Products

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Gemini Manufacturing: Greater Control Over Quality and Efficiency

Gemini offers the broadest platform of vertically-integrated manufacturing capabilities of any wholesale sign product manufacturer in North America. For their customers that means best-in-class product quality, durability, variety, and delivery.

Gemini Sigh Products

Gemini Sigh Products

Gemini Sign Products

Because Gemini manufactures many of the raw material components used to manufacture its finished sign component products, they own the production process from the ground-up. Confidence in this vertical integration allows them to back every product with a lifetime guarantee.

Gemini - Made True.

Gemini Focuses on Green Initiatives to Maximize Sustainability Efforts
Gemini Recycling

Cannon Falls, MN — From its beginning over 50 years ago, Gemini has strived to ensure its dimensional letter, logo and plaque products are manufactured in an earth-friendly manner. With sustainable materials, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and Green Star-rated facilities, Gemini continues to strengthen its green initiatives.

Featuring a broad platform of vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities across seven manufacturing sites in North America, Gemini has direct control over much of its raw material inputs. This provides Gemini Authorized Resellers better quality and more choice in their material selection. From manufacturing many of the raw materials used to make its sign products to investing in recycling processes that minimize waste, Gemini believes in a comprehensive sustainability approach.

“We continue to work to make our manufacturing processes more environmentally friendly because it’s the right thing to do,” said Dave Schmitt, VP of Engineering, Gemini. “With an emphasis on vertical integration in all of our operations, we have greater control over quality, efficiency and, ultimately, sustainability.”

“Every waste stream is an opportunity for recovery in value. Sometimes, economically it does not make sense, but we weigh the pros and cons with a heavy weight on the environment,” said Schmitt. “This has been our standard way of doing business for the 25 years I have been with Gemini, and it was the standard for the previous 25 years.”

For more information on Gemini’s sustainability efforts, and to download Gemini LEED certificates, visit

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Gemini, a family owned company, is an industry leader with over 50 years of sign product manufacturing experience, including dimensional letters, logos, plaques, and industrial plastic sheet stock. With seven manufacturing sites across the USA, Canada and Mexico, Gemini’s core products are sold exclusively through authorized resellers serving the signage and award and recognition industries, and are backed by a lifetime guarantee. For more information, visit

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