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A growing body of research confirms that optimizing natural daylight and outdoor views in healthcare facilities contributes to improved outcomes and shorter recovery times for patients. It is also a key reason why a growing number of healthcare facilities are incorporating SageGlass® dynamic glass into their new construction and remodeling designs.

Recent research by The Center for Healthcare Design and other organizations finds that natural daylighting and outdoor views benefit healthcare settings in a number of ways, including reducing patient depression, decreasing length of hospital stays, reducing medications, improving sleep and circadian rhythm and improving the well-being of staff in the work environment.

Healthcare facilities are increasingly installing dynamic glass due to the unique ability to control glare and heat while maximizing the amount of natural light in buildings. In addition, unlike shades and blinds, dynamic glass will not block patients' and employees' connection to the outdoors.

Dynamic glass can help a facility operate more efficiently. SageGlass can generate energy savings of more than 20% and does not require ongoing cleaning, sanitizing or maintenance like traditional blinds and shades.


David City, Nebraska

The new wellness center at Butler County Health Care Center features a unique 3,000+ square-foot curved glass curtain wall that extends up to 22 feet high, offering beautiful views of a park and golf course. However, the addition was constructed on the south-facing end of the hospital, creating a significant glare and heat problem, particularly in the winter months when the low-angled sun shined brightly and deeply into the center's open space. Other sun control options, such as mechanical shades, would have blocked the view and presented a hygienic and maintenance problem for the hospital due to dust accumulation.

SageGlass was installed in an exterior curtain wall that encompassed the facility, including an exercise room and interior running track. SageGlass was programmed to "follow the sun"; therefore the dynamic glass reacts to the sun's movement and creates a comfortable space for patients and guests no matter the season.

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Burnsville, Minnesota

Architects at BWBR designed a two-story atrium to serve as a new sunlit lobby and gathering space at Fairview Ridges Hospital. The all-glass enclosure with south, west and east-facing walls presented a serious sun control and energy usage problem in terms of glare and solar heat gain.

BWBR ran numerous heat gain and cost analysis calculations using various glazings, sun shades, blinds, louvers and other controls. They found that these options would not only be expensive, but would contradict the benefits of glass, such as passive solar heating and natural lighting.

"To have this beautiful all-glass enclosure and have the shades pulled down half the year would negate the aesthetics, warmth and comfort of this marquee facility," said Dustin Rehkamp, project architect at BWBR.

Cleanliness and maintenance were also key reasons for choosing SageGlass. Cleaning the expansive 30-foot-high walls of mechanical shades would have been impractical and expensive. The cost analysis determined that electrochromic glass would be a cost-effective solution for Fairview Ridges.


Aurora, Colorado

Children's Hospital Colorado is consistently ranked as one of the best children's hospitals nationwide. As part of the new East Tower expansion, the hospital asked the design team from ZGF Architects to create a pristine and high-tech environment for the unit that performs more than 800 heart catheter procedures and more than 500 heart surgeries annually.

ZGF Architects engaged hospital staff in exploring how light, shape, sound and color could produce a more comfortable working and healing environment. After evaluating a variety of sun control solutions they found the functionality and performance value of dynamic glass offered the most potential for this new unit expansion. Blinds and shades, which collect dust and could be a source of nosocomial illness, were not permitted. SageGlass was chosen as the solar control solution, and now allows natural light to flood the operating space while maintaining the desired pristine surgical environment.

SageGlass Healthcare

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Zoning to maximize daylight
Zoning is critical to optimizing daylighting within a space. SageGlass can be zoned in numerous configurations to meet your needs at all times of the day. Only SageGlass LightZone™ provides you with the ability to create variable tint zones within a single pane of electrochromic glass. SageGlass LightZone provides greater flexibility for managing neutral light, solar heat gain and glare.

No Strings Attached: SageGlass Unplugged™
SageGlass Unplugged, the industry's first self-powered, completely wireless electrochromic glass, makes it even easier for architects to deploy energy-saving dynamic glass in their designs. While traditional dynamic glass is powered by a low-voltage wired connection, SageGlass Unplugged requires no electrical wiring. It is a flexible alternative for projects in which access to a building's electrical wiring is impractical, such as hard-to-reach skylights or retrofit projects.



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SageGlass®, a product of Saint-Gobain, is advanced dynamic glass for windows, skylights and curtain walls. It is electronically tintable and provides a beautiful and cost-effective way to optimize daylight, manage the sun's glare and heat without blinds or shades, and maintain a view and connection to the outdoors. And people who work, learn, live and heal in buildings with abundant daylight are happier, healthier and more productive.

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