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Ceiling Diversity in Form, Color and Performance by Pyrok Inc.

Pyrok, Inc. provides seamless and durable sound absorbing wall and ceiling treatments for architectural design. It is our mission to assist our architectural, consulting and contracting clients on how to integrate our sound absorbing products into their projects. We pride ourselves on taking a sustainable and proactive approach to acoustical considerations in the design phase. We provide unsurpassed service starting in the design phase and continuing during the construction phase. We also offer assistance to cleaning and repair years after a project has been occupied. Pyrok Inc. manufactures and/or distributes: Pyrok StarSilent, a hand applied smooth or slightly textured spray applied product that utilizes a special sound absorbing substrate composed of recycled post consumer glass. Vogl is a perforated gypsum board product with many different perforation patterns and patented joint taping system that is unequal in the industry.

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Vogl Ceilings without Filler

Vogl products stand out because they meet the highest requirements for optimum ceiling design. We have the right ceiling system to meet every demand. Our ceiling systems – whether acoustic design ceilings, ceiling tiles, acoustic floating ceilings, acoustic plaster ceilings, cooling and heating ceilings, moulded elements, ceiling components or stretch ceilings – give every room its individual and unique touch. Through form, colour and performance, our ceiling systems make your real estate more valuable and its usefulness more sustainable.

In drywall construction, acoustic design ceilings meet the highest demands in function and aesthetics. Particularly in highly frequented areas, such ceiling systems serve as sound absorbers, cooling element and eye catcher at the same time. For this reason, high precision in installation is particularly needed here. Unlike conventional ceiling solutions, errors in the installation are immediately visible in the finished product and seriously affect the final appearance.

This is where the VoglFuge system comes into play, a system which achieves acoustic design ceilings quickly, economically and with the most reliability during installation for guaranteed results.

Advantages of the VoglFuge® system

The unique joint technology offers maximum reliability for installation and result:

  • Quick mounting of panels – "edge-to-edge"
  • No more complex aligning of panels 
  • Quickest possible joint finishing with the unique VoglFuge® strip 
  • Significant time saving due to short installation and drying times 
  • Maximum crack resistance 
  • Less dust and moisture 
  • Always complete with the VoglFuge® system kit 
  • Including perforated panel screws SN 3.5x30 mm

The Starsilent System

The StarSilent system is a smooth, seamless, sound absorbing, durable plaster finish system for walls and ceilings. The StarSilent panel is a sound absorbing panel that is made up of post-consumer, recycled, crushed glass bottles and coated with sound permeable plasters.

This environmentally friendly product allows designers to utilize a seamless, gypsum board look with sound absorbing qualities. It is utilized in many configurations where gypsum board is typically utilized, and can be used on curved surfaces of any radius, as well as on compound curves.The StarSilent system utilizes a sound panel that is composed of up to 96% post-consumer, recycled crushed glass bottles. The plasters are composed of 50% recycled marble aggregate. The panels are attached to rigid metal framing with zinc coated drywall screws. The edges of the panels are glued together using a special adhesive, which is also spread over the screw heads. After light sanding, the panels are first coated with a base coat plaster that requires a minimum of 36 hours to dry.

The finish coat plaster is then applied to achieve a smooth, seamless, sound absorbing plaster wall or ceiling. The StarSilent smooth finish plaster and superfine sprayed plaster can be tinted to a wide range of colors. The plasters can also be painted per Pyrok Inc. painting instructions.

For more information, contact Pyrok Inc. at 914-777-7070.