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Carter Millwork

Flex Trim - The Easiest Way to Get Great Curves

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  About Carter Millwork

Founded in 1985, Flex Trim was one of the oldest and largest flexible moulding manufacturers in the U.S. before being acquired in 2008 by Carter Millwork, of Lexington, North Carolina.

Since then Carter has added Provo, Utah-based Flexible Moulding International (in 2009), and Ultra-Flex Moulding of Escondido, California (in 2012). Flexible Moulding International was renamed Flex Trim West and Ultra Flex Moulding was moved from California to the Provo facility as well.

Through these strategic moves and its superior flexible moulding products Carter Millwork has grown to become the largest flexible moulding manufacturer in the world.

Flex Trim offers builders an easy-to-install, cost-effective moulding solution that will flex to fit all radius contours and shapes to perfectly trim any part of the project which curves.

Flex Trim’s architectural moulding is made from polyurethane and offers the grain pattern and beauty of wood in a synthetic product that is impervious to water and insects and will not rot, swell or deteriorate over time which makes it an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Carter Millwork
  About Flexible Moulding

Flex Trim offers the largest selection of profiles (50,000) of any moulding manufacturer in the world. Unlike our competitors, who offer one material; Flex Trim provides our flexible moulding solutions in four material formulations to accommodate every application:

  • Flex Trim® is our original flexible moulding product. It is a unique polymer resin blend and is the ideal solution for most standard flexible moulding applications.

  • Zzz Flex® is our premium product and is state-of-the-art in flexible moulding technology. No other flexible moulding on the market is stronger, more durable or stains better than Zzz Flex. Zzz Flex is an elastomer composite developed for the most demanding and complex radius applications.

  • Ultra-Flex is a syntactic polyurethane compound with a cellular composition structure similar to wood. One of the main advantages of this material is that it is 40-50% lighter than other flexible mouldings, yet it retains the necessary strength and durability that customers have come to expect. It is an ideal solution for very large moulding profiles.

  • Machinable S4S – Our Ultra-Flex compound can be machined with all conventional woodworking machinery and will not dull expensive carbide knives like other flexible products. It can be used with shapers, routers and molders to avoid the expense of custom tooling and is the ideal solution when only a small amount of straight footage is required.

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